Quantum Pain Relief - Removing Pain from the Workplace
Quantum Pain Relief - Removing Pain from the Workplace

We Fix Chronic and Acute Pain, and Restore Mobility with Your Own Customized On-Site Workouts and Tracking

We Provide:   Customized Programs   -   Dramatic Results   -   Improved Safety   -   Rapid ROI

What do we do?

Quantum Pain Relief's state of the art modality rapidly restores a person's connective tissue to its natural healthy looseness, which translates into freedom from pain, A happier, more productive workforce, and less health care dollars spent are the result. Everybody wins. Savvy HR Managers and Safety Directors know that pain free employees are safer. Your customized iPad app tracks progress, quantifying results. Rapid return on investment is typical.

How do we do it?

Our two person pain busting stretches are performed on site. Sessions are no more than 15 minutes and are tracked with your customized iPad app. No more costly, time-consuming, less effective off site appointments. Employees return to work pain free, invigorated, and productive. Sound too good to be true? Feeling IS believing. We offer free demos for your company. Call now. All you have to lose is pain.

How we are different:

  • Immediate Results - 15 minutes or less - no leaving the worksite.
  • Dramatic Reduction of Chronic Pain & Repetitive Motion Injury.
  • Pain Relief Head to Toe
  • Boost Performance - Improve Mobility
  • Pain effectively addressed at the source - the body's connective tissue.

Try one of our hundreds of techniques for yourself. Have a partner place their leg on a sturdy, padded chair, as shown in the video. You will need to hold on to a wall or pole for balance. Place either foot on your partner's calf, just below the knee. Keeping your toes up, apply slow, steady weight straight down. Stop when your partner says to. It should be a little intense. You hold the weight there, they move their foot around, as in the video. All movement is slow and deliberate. For best results, they need to move in and out of painful spots. Do for only 10 seconds. Now have them walk around and feel the difference. Repeat once or twice, as needed. Now it's your turn to try it!

Astounding results in companies since 1989:

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