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History of the Founder of Quantum Pain Relief, The Rossiter System and Rossiter & Associates

Richard Rossiter is an innovator and connective tissue specialist who created these powerful stretching techniques as the result of his own painful injuries and rehabilitation. Youthful hockey injuries and wartime injuries suffered as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam combined in Rossiter's late 20s to produce shoulders that were so painful he feared he would no longer be able to fly commercial helicopters in Alaska in the 1970s-80s.

That's when he discovered Rolfing, a form of bodywork that focuses on lengthening and restoring the body's connective tissue. Once he discovered the Benefits of Rolfing in relieving his own pain, Rossiter applied to the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colo. He graduated from the institute in record time, eventually becoming a certified advanced Rolfer in 1987. He then established a Rolfing practice in Little Rock, Ark., and soon began accepting clients referred to him by a Little Rock neurosurgeon. Many people were suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and other cumulative trauma disorders -- chronic, difficult problems for which the neurosurgeon had few treatment options except potentially risky surgeries.

With Rossiter's professional help, many of the clients experienced less pain, improved movement, better range of motion, restful sleep and the lessening of common symptoms, including pain, tingling, numbness and lack of grip. Many were soon pain-free and able to return to productive work. Buoyed by these successes, Rossiter began looking for a way to help people in pain BEFORE their symptoms got the best of them. As a result, he created The Rossiter System, a highly evolved series of two person stretches that allow his principles and pain-relief approaches to be used virtually without limit in the workplace by trained employees and supportive managers.

“When you put the power of The Rossiter System and its on-site Rossiter Station (opt.) to work for you and your employees, your costs begin to drop almost immediately. How? Workers are less prone to injury. Injuries that do occur can be handled in-house. Workers who are pain-free are more productive and more willing to take responsibility for their own health and well-being. No one has to leave for doctors, therapy, work hardening, surgery or other (risky) modalities. Don’t believe it? Share in the results from U.S. factories, plants and offices that have used The Rossiter System over the past 20 years to control costs and keep the production lines running smoothly”.

Companies that have benefited from QPR:
Goodyear OH ~ Brown Printing (PA)
Parker Hannafin (NH) ~ Ennis Auto Parts (TX)
Xexel (IL-TX) ~ Campbell's Soup (OH)
Ohio Art (OH) ~ Sauder Woodworking OH
LaChoy ~ GE Energy (Missouri)
Hollytex Carpet Mills (OK)
Quebecor Printing (CA)
Prime Tanning (MO) Salton (IL)
Rockwell (IA) ~ SKF/Chicago Rawhide (KS)
Cooper Farms (OH) ~ UTA (OH)
Carhartt (TN-KY) ~ Bunn (IA-IL)

In 1990, he formed Rossiter & Associates Inc. as a training and consulting firm to bring this unique pain-busting program to the U.S. workplace. By training workers to perform Rossiter's techniques, The Rossiter System allows companies of all sizes to handle their own repetitive-use injuries without outside intervention, without light-duty assignments and without risky, costly medical treatments or long-term rehabilitation. Businesses that implement The Rossiter System realize massive savings in their workers' compensation costs and lower medical costs. They enjoy a healthier bottom line, and healthier, more productive employees.

In 2002, Rossiter began offering workshops to teach his techniques to those who would benefit: massage therapists, physical therapists, athletes and athletic trainers, nurses, the lay public, chiropractors, personal trainers, coaches ... professionals interested in getting out of pain without the risky effects of drugs, splints, shots and surgery. He's taught these techniques from New Jersey to Alaska, to friends in Scotland and to professionals in Malaysia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Honduras, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria and France.

As Rossiter travelled and trained professional therapists across the US and abroad, he has created a US national, professional organization with 17 certified QPR instructors and trainers with hundreds of certified personal coaches in most states.

Rossiter & Associates now has 17 Regional Managers across the US. R&A, Inc. offers two programs to companies to decrease health care costs and increase productivity.

  • QPR In-House, where a certified trainer will instruct and certify a group of employees to do QPR with employees in pain and set up a QPR station in the organization to operate 24/7.
  • QPR contract coach, where a certified QPR personal coach goes to a company and works on employees for a half day or several days per week per month.

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